Tech 101

Tech 101: Tips for Classic Car Owners to Beat the Summer Heat

Modern cars can tolerate a wide range of temperatures; nevertheless, classic and vintage cars are an exception and may limit your desire to go out during the summer. So, what are your options?

A good cooling system will keep you going. A new radiator is an excellent addition that will lower the temperature inside. Radiator caps can also make your car ride more comfortable. But, you must take precautions with this installation because not all radiators can be compatible with your model.

If you do not necessarily need to change the entire radiator system, changing the radiator fan will also help more airflow across. A flex fan improvement, for example, will increase air circulation by increasing the pitch of the blades alongside engine speed.

You can also reduce the inside temperatures by adding an air cooler. However, if you have vehicles driven on race tracks, it is better to use oil coolers to have a better cooling capability.

If none of the above alternatives appeal to you, why not experiment with exhaust covers and components? This results in less heat beneath the hood and a reduced density of exhaust fumes, resulting in a quicker overall discharge.