1. What is the cost of listing in Brass-era Models?

Brass-era Models is a well-known online publication for collectors and classic automotive enthusiasts. If you are fortunate enough to be accepted, you will be charged $99.95. You may also be fortunate enough to acquire additional services that will add to the overall cost of your vehicle.

2. What is the process of starting a car auction?

Starting a car auction might be a complicated process but it is possible. The first step that you will need to take is to determine the type of cars that you will focus on. This can include online auctions, dealer auctions, and public auctions. 

After this, you will obtain the necessary licenses and permits to auction legally. After securing a location, you can then develop a marketing plan to promote your business. 

During the auction, you will require experts to help you in bidding and assist with logistics. After selling, follow up with buyers to ensure a successful transaction of business.

3. What happens after the auction ends?

After the auction has ended, the winning bidder will pay for the purchase either in cash or through a third-party lender. The seller will provide the necessary documentation and paperwork for the sale and sign any relevant paperwork.