Tech 101

Tech 101: Getting Your Vehicles and Summer Toys Ready for Winter

Colder temperatures may sometimes be destructive, and the best way to avoid this with your recreational vehicles and toys is to store them properly, saving you the cost of fixing them when the winter is through. Everyone can try out the ideas offered here because they are easily obtainable and reasonably priced.

Motorcycle fuel 

To ensure that the fuel remains usable and the engine can start up efficiently when you need it, it is advisable to add a fuel stabilizer. These are additives that help in preserving the quality of the fuel and prevent degradation. 

You can also fill up the tank to prevent moisture from building up in the tank. Running the engine for a few minutes before storing will help in circulating the treated fuel throughout the engine and the carburetor.


To remove debris and filth, thoroughly clean the tires with soap and water. You will then dry them to prevent moisture from getting inside. After that, keep the tires in a cold, dry place, such as a garage or basement.

If you will remove the tires it is critical to stack them properly especially vertically such that each one stands on its tread surface to avoid distortion.