Day: June 21, 2022

Car Culture

Can a 1932 Ford Model B Parked 25 Years Ago Run?

Hemmings building has a basement that holds original classic and vintage cars and trucks. From time to time they try out several of them and gauge which one to sell or use as a collectible. When they came across the 1932 Ford Model B which was parked for 25 years they were not sure if it would run.
The inspection sticker showed that the vehicle was lastly used in 1961 or thereabout. Its battery was missing and it was clear that it had not been started all these years. It was a perfect model of study.
In 1932 Model B …

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Buyer’s Guide

An Inclusive Buyer’s Guide for the 1956 Chevrolet Corvette

Chevrolet cars have always needed an overhaul to keep them efficient and relevant. While the 1953-55 Corvette models seem sleek today, it was not a smooth ride back in the day. They were all handmade with white exteriors and red interiors and were powered by a 150-hp, engine. Although the price was also high at about $3,498, the car’s fit and finish quality was substandard.
The 1956 Corvette came as a savior and had a new look with various improvements to make it more efficient. The 265V-8s replaced the six-cylinder engine which made it an …

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Tech 101

Tech 101: Tips for Classic Car Owners to Beat the Summer Heat

Modern cars can tolerate a wide range of temperatures; nevertheless, classic and vintage cars are an exception and may limit your desire to go out during the summer. So, what are your options?
A good cooling system will keep you going. A new radiator is an excellent addition that will lower the temperature inside. Radiator caps can also make your car ride more comfortable. But, you must take precautions with this installation because not all radiators can be compatible with your model.
If you do not necessarily need …

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