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What You Need to Know About Vaping in Cars

Gone are the days when cars used to come with a push-in cigarette lighter. However, while the health hazards of smoking may have led to a phasing off of this, vaping is the new norm. If you are big on vaping, you will want to vape in your car. It may seem easy to drive and vape at the same time because you will not be holding a fireball as is the case when smoking. Nevertheless, there are several things that Bargain E Juice recommends if you want to vape while on the wheel. Keep reading to know all about this.

Obey the Local Laws

You will not find national laws on vaping when driving. However, several states have laws prohibiting vape device usage when driving. While these laws were written with electronic devices like mobile phones in mind, it has been reported that motorists get tickets from traffic officers for vaping while driving.

Such states claim that vaping distracts motorists from being attentive when driving. You will also find that many states prohibit vaping in a car with kids. While at it, remember that vaping will come up in a liability case in the unfortunate event that an accident occurs.

Open Your Window

While electronic devices have been a great relief for smokers, this does not necessarily make them harmless. If you want to vape inside your car, it is a good idea that you let in some fresh air. If you decide to hot box yourself inside your car, not only will it be detrimental to your passengers, but it will also get into the filters of your car and reduce their lifespan.

Don’t Drive While Dripped

Now that you have decided to vape when driving, consider using a device that has a tank. It is because if you have to keep wetting your wick after a few gusts, you will have to make use of both of your hands. You are most likely to get on the wrong side of the road if you use both of your hands when vaping.

Avoid the Mechanical Mod When Driving

Vaping devices switch off after you take a few puffs. However, this does not happen when the device is in mechanical mode. It has been reported that some vaping devices overheat and explode because of a lack of this safety mode. You do not have to create this hazard when you are driving because the loss of concentration will easily distract you from your driving.

Remember Vape Tanks Leak During Elevation Changes

For instance, someone driving in a region with mountains should remember that elevation changes may lead to the leaking of your tank. You should, therefore, begin your ascent when your tank is half-empty. You can fill it during your descent because there is little to no chance of the tank leaking when you are descending.

Avoid Leaving Your Device or Batteries in the Car

When you park your car in the sun, the temperatures inside the car can easily rise to levels that will make vape batteries explode. It is also essential to remember to store your spare batteries well to avoid this risk.

If you are careful to observe these precautions, you can enjoy your vape as you drive. Always remember that safety is the most important consideration when driving, whether or not you are vaping.