Buyer’s Guide

Guidelines for Buying a Classic 1955-1957 Ford Thunderbird

This ’50s machine still got the potential to leave tongues wagging whenever it passes by any center. It has recently been used in collectibles and various roles such as pop culture, movies, and TV because of its sporty nature that allows the free circulation of air, thus creating a pleasurable weekend vibe.

During the ’50s this machine boasted a $3,000 price when it hit the showrooms. It measured 14.6 feet long and had a 102-inch wheelbase with a removable hardtop, full-width seat, and V-8. There were also options for an automatic transmission, power-assisted steering and brakes, and an overdrive unit.

This thunderbird also boasted a 312V-8 engine and 12-volt electricals, vent windows on the doors, hardtop, and exhaust exits in the corners of rear bumpers.

Later, Thunderbird underwent a major makeover which included a bigger grill opening, pronounced tailfins, a longer trunk, new bumpers, and new instrument panels. The ‘57s also had 14-inch wheels that replaced the 15s which were used in the previous years.

The prices of T- Birds have remained steady over the years with an average of $40,000 for good-looking ones. A cheaper price will usually bring a machine that requires some repair and replacement work. Recent auction sales reveal that first-generation demand is still high. This is shown by active bids and viewers whenever a Bird is put on sale.

The best part of this car is its body which is made of steel that is welded together to form a single unit. Rust is however common in fenders but the reproduction sheet metal is always available for repair.