Buyer’s Guide

An Inclusive Buyer’s Guide for the 1956 Chevrolet Corvette

Chevrolet cars have always needed an overhaul to keep them efficient and relevant. While the 1953-55 Corvette models seem sleek today, it was not a smooth ride back in the day. They were all handmade with white exteriors and red interiors and were powered by a 150-hp, engine. Although the price was also high at about $3,498, the car’s fit and finish quality was substandard.

The 1956 Corvette came as a savior and had a new look with various improvements to make it more efficient. The 265V-8s replaced the six-cylinder engine which made it an impressive collectible now. The car is popular because of its low cost which adds value to many homes especially because of its looks.

Its body is made of fiberglass panels which are stitched together to provide a smooth side. You do not have to worry about the rust because of the minimal steel used underneath. However, be prepared to repair it because of the accidents that can occur from time to time.

56 Corvette seats provide narrower buckets with smooth bolsters. Other than its design, you can also get restoration services and reproduction parts with ease. The previous model had dual four barrels with either 225 or s20 horsepower. However, the latter model has a 111-built dual four engine.

The brake shoes also received an upgrade while the fuel tank was also transformed to hold less fuel and make more room for a larger folding compartment. Components for replacing chassis are also readily available to keep you going on the road.